Facts about OfficeTalk
(The essentials of the most important properties)

This table summarises the most important properties and functionalities of OfficeTalk. The term Process is used for all kinds of work(flow) in a company.




Create and manage the organigram of a company

With the Organigram-Manager you can create the struc­ture for any kind of comany. The Organigram answers the ques­tions who is allowed to use a process, to start a pro­cess and many more questions.

With the  Organigram-Manager you can manage small and large companies in hirarchical and functional mode.

Modelling the process

With the Designer you can describe the flow of the pro­cess graphically and textually. You specify, who must work whitch step, how long does the process take and many more important aspects of the processflow.

With the Designer IT-specialists and processowners can des­cribe the process commonly for a better understanding.

Simulating the processflow

With the Simulator you can simulate the flow of the pro­cess and unfold the required time, resources and many other important results of the flow.

With the Simulator you can unfold problems of the flow of the process prior to its real usage.

Analyzing the process

With the Analyzer you can analyse the technical and spe­cialist aspects of the process flow. The secialist analyze un­folds the Key-Performance-Indicators (KPI) and opti­mizes the performance of the process.

The technical analyze unfolds possible technical problems, when the process is executed.

Scheduling the process

The Scheduler controls the flow of the process. He is res­ponsible for in time execution of parts of the process and the process at all. The scheduler works in conjunction with the Delegator and the Escalation-Manager.

The Scheduler ensures the in time execution of the process and many other aspects of control.


The functions of the Scheduler are available as webservices for SOAP-enabled applications  The concept Workflowengine is responsible for. With webservices other applications are able to use the Scheduler of OfficeTalk. The required infrastructure is supported by OfficeTalk. Webservices are international standarized by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Controling processes over the web is enabled through the Workflowengine of OfficeTalk.


A large process can be made handier by dividing it into smaller subprocesses with the Hirarchy-Browser. The sche­duler supports a processhirarchy too.

With the Hirarchy-Browser you allways have the overview  over the complete process at all.

Escalating the processflow

The Escalation-Manager is responsible for watching the processflow. If a process exceeds its time limit  the Escalation-Manager marks it red. Additionally the Escalation-Manager  can perform configured actions. You can confi­gure to send a mail or to start another process.

The Escalation-Manager helps you the react in the right way on time problems of flow.


The Delegator is part of the Scheduler and responsible for delegating a process to the substitute of a not available worker.

The Delegator ensures that the process is executed in time. and is not delayed because of an unavailable worker.

Processflow with single person and group of persons

The flow of process can be delegated with the Delegator to a single person or to a group of person (e.g. Team). Each person within the group can take the process to continue the flow, if it has the required permission.

The Delegator supports working within a group.

History of processflow

Executing the process creates a rich history of the flow with many informations. With the History-Manager you can analyze this history in many ways.

The process can be analyzed with the History-Manager by cost of process, resources, times and many more aspects.

Analyzing estimated and effective times and optimizing

With the Effective/Estimated-Manager you can optimize the estimated exe­cution results with the effective exe­cution results to make fu­tu­re executions more real.

With the Effective/Estimated-Manager future processflow will profit by  processflows in the past.

Including applications with COM® and DotNET® in the processflow

Because of OfficeTalk is an integration platform too, you can include extern applications with the Application-Controller into the processflow. If the application sup­ports  COM, DCOM or DotNet (on Win­dows-Platforms only) Office­Talk is able to control  the application in an active way.

With the Application-Controller you can applications active control within the processflow.

Including applications with Webservice and HTTP-Re­quest in the processflow

With the Web-Connector you can include extern appli­cations, whitch supports HTTP-Request or Web­services based on SOAP, in the processflopw. With the Workbench the Web-Connector is configured for this task.

With the Web-Connector you can applications include into the processflow and control.

Userdefined dialogs for the process

With the Workbench you can build your own dialogs for inputdata at processflow time. These dialogs are build most graphically and assigned to the position within the processflow, where required.

With userdefined dialogs you can design the process as required and specified  by the company’s rules.

Process supports multiple shops

With the Connecion-Manager homeoffices and multiple shops can be easy integrated into the processflow. A sim­ple internetconnection is required only.

With the Connecion-Manager a  process is able to include dis­tributed parts of a company without much effort.

Using the content of a database in the processflow

To use data within an extern database for making deci­si­ons, you can configure the process with the Data-Connector.

With the Data-Connector the integration of an application with Application-Controller and with Web-Con­nector can be completed.

Taskareas for executing processes of other responsibilities

With Taskareas a person can take the role of another person and execute its processes.

Taskareas enable a person to work with different responsibilities.

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